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Ellis W.I.P 1 by Getheyon Ellis W.I.P 1 :icongetheyon:Getheyon 3 5 Ellis W.I.P 2 by Getheyon Ellis W.I.P 2 :icongetheyon:Getheyon 1 0 Sollux cosplay W.I.P. by Getheyon Sollux cosplay W.I.P. :icongetheyon:Getheyon 4 18
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Red Sniper. TF2 Fanfic Chapter 5 :icongetheyon:Getheyon 33 33
Red Sniper. TF2 Fanfic Chapter 4
"So. Does anyone want to get the splinters out of my hands and legs?" I'm hoping that Sniper would volunteer. I guess I neglected to mention that I may have developed a small crush on Sniper...okay maybe a big one. Everytime he called me Sheila, I felt something. Thank god I didn't show it...much. I acted like I hated him. Everytime hr brushed against me, or perfected my sniping stance, I felt it...again. This burning sensation I feel in the pit of my stomach, whenever he looks at me. I hope that he really hadn't figured it out. Sniper stood up.
"I'll do it Sheila." I looked at him and smiled.
"Thanks." I say as we walk out of the room.
"I get em all the time. I'm used to i' by now."
"Wow, okay." When we get to his room, he shuts the door behind us. I sat on his bed as he opened a drawr and pulled out a pair of tweezers.
"A'right," He sat next to me on his bed. "lets have a look..." he picked up my hand and unstantly pulled out the splinter in my hand.
"Okay. That ones done. The other
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 39 15
Red Sniper. TF2 Fanfic Chapter 3
A few weeks have gone by. Thoes few weeks were filled with cards, sleep, messing around, more sleep, and maybe one or two late night parties where I got drunk, and ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs because I couldn't mke it up the stairs. Something seemed odd though,since I've started working there, therre has been no attacks, battles, wars, false alarms, or anything of the sort. Well that was untill The Anouncer said we had to steal the other teams Intelegance. When we got onto the battle sight, the other team looked at me.
"You guys have a girl on your team?" Their Scout said. "You guys are gunnah' loose big time!"
"Don't make me come over there! I'm gunnah' kick your ass!" They all laughed at me. I pulled out my gun and looked through my scope. I got ready to pull the trigger, but then Sniper layed his hand on my shoulder.
"Jus' wait Sheila. You don' need t' wais' your bulle's on 'em."
"Your time starts now!"
"What?!" I screamed in frustration. Scout took my hand, and ran fo
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 48 16
PIDERMAN!!!...where's Baman??? by Getheyon PIDERMAN!!!...where's Baman??? :icongetheyon:Getheyon 6 15
Mery Christmas, Heavy. TF2 Heavy Fanfic
Heavy walked into different rooms, with a head band on his head. Attached to that head band, a mistletoe. I watched him in each of the rooms, standing outside of the rooms, leaned to one side and my arms folded across my chest.
"Can I have kiss now?" He asks the individual in the room, pointing to the mistletoe attached  to his head. They shook their head no, and he walked out slowly, looking even sadder than before.Heavy ventures into the Medic's room. Medic stares at Heavy.
"Vhy do you have that thing your head, Heavy?" He askes, looking puzzled.
"It 's Christmas. I have kiss now?" He smiles a big grin.  Medic shakes his head.
"No." he replies back. I watch him walk out of Medic's room, and walks past the living room, where the tree and the fireplace was, and outside, into the freezing, snowy weather. I have an amused look on my face as I walk out to chek on him. He's sitting on the bench right outside of the door, with his elbows proped up on his knee's, and his
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 14 6
Nick 1 by Getheyon Nick 1 :icongetheyon:Getheyon 2 10 Ellis 1 by Getheyon Ellis 1 :icongetheyon:Getheyon 2 17
You only need me. TF2 Scout fanfic
I was sitting at a table, along with the rest of the RED team. I could feel my phone viberate in my pockete. I pulled it out and looked at the number that was displayed on the screen. It read 'Mom and Dad'. I was scared out of my mind. I hadn't told them about what I do yet, and I hoped that they would never find out. But something tells me that they HAVE found out.
"Shit.." I whisper under my breath. "Uhh...I gotta' take this one guys, sorry." I say, backing up in my chair, and pressing the 'Answer' Button not once looking up from my phone.
"Hello?" I ask as I walk out the door.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" My heart beats faster as I look into the pitch-black sky around me.
"Are you really doing this right now?" My father screams into the phone.
"I'm VERY disapointed in you!"
"Wh-what did I do?" I ask inocently, as tears start to surface from my eyes.
" Just think about what you have done. Just THINK about it. You should know. No daughter of mine would EVER do what
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 106 26
Red Sniper. TF2 Fanfic Chapter 2
"Like you are one to talk." I heard someone with a German accent said. The voice came from a man that had stood up.
"I am Medic. Ze rest you can talk to later. I vill show you to your room." He walke din one direction. I followed looking confused. He came to the end of a long hallway, and opened the door. He spoke up.
"Here is your room. Come out when vhen you are ready to. I need tot ake some blood."
"So I know vhat your blood type is."
"Can't I just tell you?" I said nervously.
"Nein." He turned on his heel, and walked out with one swift move. I put my bag on the bed, and started to unpack. I put all of my clothes in the closet, and set up my computer. I checked my emails. 2 new e-mails. One from my mum and dad, and the other from my older, asshole of a brother. I read them both, and their both pretty much the same thing. 'Congratulations on your new job! Hope to see you soon. Love you!!' I get it every time I get a new job. Hopefully I get to keep this one for a long time. Re
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 67 14
He held my hand for the last time.A TF2 Sniper fic
I lay in silenced pain, as I replay the whole scene. I was just shot by a BLU Spy. Luckily it was only in the gut, and not somewhere where it would kill me instantly.Heavy found me on the battle feild.Bullets all around us lay on the ground and fly throught the air. I heard him say something, but I couldn't tell what it was that he had said. I'm so out of it because of how much pain I am in. How much this hurts. Luckily just then, Scout had ran back with the other teams intelligance. The Anouncer had started.
"RED Team wins." I heard her say (Only because it was louder than Heavy when he was speaking.), and Heavy brought me into the base. I clutch my gut as the pain spreads to other various parts of my body. I scream from the pain.
"Medic!" Heavy had yelled.
"Vhat do you vant?" He said from the other room. Heavy takes me into the other room with the rest of the team. Dead silence as another drop of blood trickles down my lips and my chin onto the floor. The rest was pretty much a blur
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 26 8
Red Sniper. TF2 Fanfic Chapter 1
I walked into the RED base with excitement for my new job. Words can not describe how happy I am that I had moved and found a new job. Maybe my new co-workers wont be total assholes and try to kill eachother instead of the other team. I decided that thinking about that wasn't the best as I walk up to the door. The door opened and a man in hat with sunglasses walked out. I looked at him and and he stood infront of me, trying to stop himself from running.
"Oh, g'day...they never told us we were gettin' a sheila." He said, looking through his glasses.
"Umm thanks........?"
"Names Snipa'. It's nice t' finally 'ave a woman on the base. Wha' class are ya' in?" He looked at me.
"Well, I was a Sniper in my past Job..."I was about to say something else, but he beat me to it.
"well then. looks like we'll be workin' t'getha', Sheila!"
"That'd be nice." I gave him a small smile as he walked away in the direction I came in from. The first one I met doesn't seem to bad. I walk through the door, a ba
:icongetheyon:Getheyon 68 15
:DD by Getheyon :DD :icongetheyon:Getheyon 1 0 I like this one.... by Getheyon I like this one.... :icongetheyon:Getheyon 1 0

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I haven't been on in a long ass time. And I don't plan on it, in all honesty. I just don't see DA as entertaining anymore. I found Tumblr. I know, I'm a dick. But I did get a camera for Christmas, so I might upload some cosplay pictures every once in a while. Highly unlikely though. I will not delete this account, because some people actually like some of the things that I have posted o here. Why, I don't know. But they do.
And for those who want to add me on tumblr, I have a few different ones. Some role play, and personal, I will include the link.

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United States
Favourite Band: My CHemical Romance Always have been, and always will be! I was with them from the begining!
Favourite song: Summertime - My Chemical Romance
To tell you the truth, I NEVER wear dresses, but I love to wear them!
I'm confused about my fashion, I might be all girly-girl one day, then emo the next. A scene one day, then a cowgirl the next! So if you ask me a bout my fashion, I'll laugh in your face!
I've always wanted to live in a small town, somewhere in the South. Don't ask why. OH, I'LL TELL YOU WHY. Because the boys are hot, Their accents are awesome, and It's VERY pretty there during the Summer....I would know, I've been there before. :3


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